Custom-Flavored Medicine Works like Charm

You would not know how a medicine really works if the patient won’t bother to take it down in the first place or spit it out at the end. Great news not only for kids, but also for those with a problem of medicine taste, custom-flavored medicine is the solution…

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Understanding Blood Glucose Level

Diabetes care, care for diabetes, diabetic care, primary care diabetes

For a diabetes patient, monitoring blood sugar level is of high significance. It is the best tool to have a great control over the prevalent disease. The amount of glucose or sugar present in the blood is variable throughout the day and night, depending on when, what and how much…

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The Difference between Generic and Brand Name Drugs

generic drug, generic prescription drugs, generic medicine, generic drugs

The American healthcare system is in crisis and the costs of getting medical treatment are becoming more and more expensive. So while the U.S. Government is still debating on and resolving the Obamacare issue, people should be more and more responsible in choosing their medicines. Educating people about the difference…

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Making Your Choice and Using Your Free Glucose Meter

free glucose meter, diabetes care, blood glucose meters, most accurate glucose meter, best blood glucose meter

SMBG, or self-monitoring of blood glucose, refers to the process of monitoring your own blood glucose with a glucose meter. The process is of life-and-death importance for many people diagnosed with diabetes since a too low and too high, or a highly erratic, blood glucose levels can initiate a series…

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Getting to Know Generic Medications and Getting Confident About Their Use

generic medications, generic drugs, cholesterol generic medications, generic adhd medications, walmart generic medications, generic pain medications

Did you know that approximately 44% of all drug prescriptions filled in the United States are made with generic medications? This was not the case in the 1950s when the only available acetaminophen was sold under a single brand name – Tylenol. Today, name a drug and it will likely…

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4 Ways to Have a Healthy Small Intestine

Small intestinal care

The small intestine plays a significant role in the digestive system, being the most responsible in the body’s food digestion, nutritional absorption and food transportation into the bloodstream. Neglecting its vital importance can lead to serious complications. Oftentimes, some people don’t even know that what they’re doing harms their small…

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Compounding Pharmacies: Why Do We Need Them?

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Physicians prescribe medications and treatments depending on their diagnosis of what health problems a patient suffers from. These prescriptions are designed to help cure or treat whatever illness a patient has. However, not all prescriptions are suited to every patient. There may be patients that need to customize their prescriptions…

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Nausea: Causes and OTC Medications

medications for nausea, nausea medication, pregnancy nausea medications, nausea vomiting medications

Nausea, a feeling of queasiness in the stomach that is associated with or without the feeling of vomiting, is a common symptom of various health disorders. The feeling is indescribable, often uncomfortable to bear, but not painful. A person suffering from nausea could feel the body shaking, hear nothing, and…

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8 Types of Medicines

When we think of medications, we often think of pills or those in tablet form. There are actually several types of medicines.  There are those that can be bought over-the-counter, can be acquired only if there is prescription of a doctor, and can be exclusively bought from hospitals.  So here’s…

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