4 Ways to Have a Healthy Small Intestine

Small intestinal care

The small intestine plays a significant role in the digestive system, being the most responsible in the body’s food digestion, nutritional absorption and food transportation into the bloodstream. Neglecting its vital importance can lead to serious complications. Oftentimes, some people don’t even know that what they’re doing harms their small intestine. We have cited ways on how to have a healthy small intestine for better living. Check whether if you’re taking good care of your small intestine.

Proper Diet

Too much of anything can be damaging. The same applies to eating. A proper diet is said to be the most effective way to care for small intestine. What happens when people consume excessive baked refined flour products like pizza, crackers, breads and pastas? It promotes yeast growth and hinders normal bowel movement. Moreover, it leads to more mucus production in the small intestine that comes out in the form of cough, sinus congestion and ear mucus, increasing the risk for infections particularly among children. Also, too much dairy products like milk and yogurt prevent the normal absorption of nutrients in the small intestine. Eating fruits, green leafy vegetables, brown rice, oatmeal, and whole grain cereal can help promote a better environment for small intestine, making digestion easier.

Drinking Enough Water

Inflammation in the intestinal lining can happen when the body lacks enough water intake. Water consumption aids in cleaning the small intestine as well as the entire digestive system, preventing any clog in the body’s digestion. To have a healthy small intestine, it is recommended drinking 0.03 fluid ounces of water per calorie of food intake. Increase water consumption in places with hot weather and during physical exercise.


Exercising has a lot of benefits leading to a healthier body. Couple a proper diet with specific exercises preventing blockages in the small intestine. One of the exercises effective for a healthy small intestine is the small intestine meridian balancing, which is done by sitting on heels and lowering the body to the ground. Intertwine your hands (palms facing each other) at the bottom of the spine. Stretch your arms upward as you inhale. Stay on this position for 30 seconds. Then, breathe deeply. Repeat the process.

Chewing Well

Those who eat quickly are guilty of not chewing their food well. Do your small intestine a favor by chewing well your food before swallowing. Doing so helps a lot in the digestion, requiring less energy for the body to digest and speeding up the release and absorption of nutrients.

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