Compounding Pharmacies: Why Do We Need Them?

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Physicians prescribe medications and treatments depending on their diagnosis of what health problems a patient suffers from. These prescriptions are designed to help cure or treat whatever illness a patient has. However, not all prescriptions are suited to every patient. There may be patients that need to customize their prescriptions to better suit their requirements. Customizing a prescription can be done by a compounding pharmacy.

Compounding pharmacies have been in existence before the 1940s. However, because of the emergence of large pharmaceutical companies and the mass production of drugs and medicine, their popularities waned. However, compounding pharmacies, such as the Brooklyn pharmacy, are renewing its popularity because more and more physicians are prescribing compounded medicines especially for patients with unique medical concerns. A compounding pharmacy will give you these following benefits.

Improve administration. Pain medication may cause problems to patients who are taking them. These medications may cause drowsiness and stomach discomfort when ingested. A compounding pharmacy can customize the oral pain medications into a form that can be administered topically in gel or cream form. The same is true for oral antibiotics to treat wounds. Instead of ingesting the oral antibiotic, it can be compounded to be administered directly on the wound.

Provide exact dosage. Doctors would normally prescribe medicines to a patient on a dosage based on the patient’s body weight. However, most prescription medicines come in 100 mg or 200 mg capsules or tablets that make getting the proper dosage a challenge. A compounding pharmacy can prepare the prescription medicine so that the patient will get the exact dosage that he or she needs.

Make medicines child friendly. Giving prescription medicines to children is a very difficult task. Children do not like the “medicine” or bitter taste of most prescription medicines and therefore will give parents a hard time when it comes time to drink medicines. A compounding pharmacy, such as Brooklyn Pharmacy, can prepare pediatric medicines into a form that children will be willing to take. For example, most mass produced pediatric medicines are limited in terms of the flavor that they offer. Compounding pharmacies can prepare pediatric medicines with the favorite flavors of the child patient.

Provide discontinued medicines. There are times when large pharmaceutical companies will discontinue producing a certain brand of drug because of the little demand for it. This will result to patients who need the drug to look for alternate options. With the knowledge of the drug’s main active ingredient, a compounding pharmacy can concoct a similar drug that will be as effective as the discontinued one.

Consumers need to know that there are compounding pharmacies that can help them in making prescription medicines easier to take.

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