Custom-Flavored Medicine Works like Charm

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custom flavored medicine

You would not know how a medicine really works if the patient won’t bother to take it down in the first place or spit it out at the end. Great news not only for kids, but also for those with a problem of medicine taste, custom-flavored medicine is the solution to this challenge to prescription medicine. Flavor compounding makes it possible for flavors to be combined to enhance the taste as well as color of a medication for easier ingestion.


Parents can attest to how difficult medicine in take is for kids. Since kids have a heightened sense of taste, they often have a hard time swallowing commercially mass-manufactured medicines that come in flavours that need to be fought hard before being taken in. Taking medications as prescribed can be a battle between the parent and a kid. With custom-flavored medicine, any kid can have his or her medicine according to whatever flavoring he or she wants. Some of the popular flavours such as bubblegum, watermelon, chocolate, grapes, orange, strawberry and more can be incorporated to custom-flavored medicine depending on the preference of the patient.

Ensure that the custom-flavored medicine is non-allergenic, sugar-free, sodium-free, gluten-free, dye-free and casein free. This prevents any side effects that may arise from taking in custom-flavored medicine due to ingredients that may trigger allergy. Moreover, it would be best if the sweetener in the custom-flavored medicine is natural. With your doctor and a compounding pharmacist working hand in hand, getting your child back in shape through custom-flavored medicine works like wonder. Surely with his or her favorite flavor in the custom-flavored medicine, the parent’s effort will garner favorable result in no time.


As a result of getting older and developing of chronic illnesses, adults may have changes when it comes to taste preferences. Sweet flavours that are sought after during younger years can be intolerable now that they are older. What works best to be taken in before is the complete opposite for older adults. Through flavor compounding, flavors can be masked or altered so that the result of custom-flavored medicine is edible. However, pH measurement needs to be highly considered in order to main the medicine’s stability such as for antibiotics.


Custom-flavored medicine for animals helps for ease of administration. Not only kids can turn away from medicines! Even animals such as cats or dogs have their preferred flavours too! Tuna, liver, beef, chicken or any other flavours can make an unwell pet up for medicine in take without the whining or turning up of nose trick.

A custom-flavored medicine can be a lifesaver for picky medicine in takers no matter who or what they are–kids, adults or even pets. Sunset RX Pharmacy offers compounded medicines including custom-flavored medicine to cater to almost every medical need of patients using state-of-the-art equipment and facility. Give us a call at 718-765-0019 or live chat with our pharmacist to assist you or any in your family’s desired custom-flavored medicine.

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