Making Your Choice and Using Your Free Glucose Meter

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Free Glucose Meter, Diabetes Care BrooklynSMBG, or self-monitoring of blood glucose, refers to the process of monitoring your own blood glucose with a glucose meter. The process is of life-and-death importance for many people diagnosed with diabetes since a too low and too high, or a highly erratic, blood glucose levels can initiate a series of body reactions.

But the right choice in free glucose meter is crucial, too, because each glucose meter has its own features and functions that may or may not address the specific needs of the patient. Keep in mind that there are 25, minimum, different free glucose meters in the mass market today with differences in terms of:

  • Amount of blood necessary to get an accurate result
  • Testing speed
  • Store test results in its memory
  • Overall weight and size
  • Cost of the glucose meter and the compatible test strips

Ask your doctor for recommendations to the best glucose meter for your specific needs as a patient. For example, you may want a free glucose meter that allows for getting a blood sample from other areas aside from your fingertips. You may also want a free glucose meter with a large display screen and spoken instructions, or a free glucose meter with automatic timing, signals, and error codes, or a glucose meter that requires lesser amount of blood sample.

When you have chosen the right glucose meter for your needs, your next step is to learn its appropriate use. While each type of glucose meter has specific steps, most of these devices can be used by following these steps:

  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water, completely dry them, and clean your fingertip where the blood sample will be collected with alcohol and dry completely.
  • Prick your sanitized fingertip with a lancet.
  • Hold your hand and finger down until you have collected the required amount of blood. Be sure to catch it with the test strip.

The test strip is usually already placed in the slot of the free glucose meter. Wait for a few seconds for the blood glucose level reading to appear on the display screen. Record the results for future reference.

The results will be used to determine whether you require more or less medication or you have to visit your doctor as soon as possible, even rush to the emergency room for appropriate medical attention. Keep your free glucose meter and its accessories handy for these reasons.

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