High Blood Pressure Medication Available Over the Counter

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  In a statement released by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about one-third of adults in the United States (U.S.) have high blood pressure.  This was based on a long-term study which started in 1980 and culminated in 2005, conducted among 4,861 individuals, between the ages 18-30,…

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Understanding Your Doctor’s Prescriptions

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Physicians are renowned for their messy handwriting. There are times that even if you can read it, you find it mind-cracking to comprehend what’s written. Doctor’s prescriptions use Latin abbreviations and medical terminology for instructions on which medicine and how it should be administered that are rather unusual for ordinary…

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8 Tips to Get Healthy

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With the advent of science and awareness against diseases and illnesses, people are becoming more health conscious. No matter what reason you have to desire a healthier body, whether to lower your risk for diseases, to achieve a slimmer figure, or to live a longer and happier life, we compiled…

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Prescription Medications During Pregnancy

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Being pregnant puts the mother on a higher risk on whatever she does from her food, fluid and medication in takes to simple and complex activities. Since not only her body can be affected, but also that of the developing baby in her womb, safety measures should always be observed…

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Heartburn Generic Medications

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Occasionally, any person can suffer from discomfort of heartburn (pyrosis), a warm and burning sensation in the chest that is commonly felt immediately after eating or while sleeping. Heartburn is caused by the seeping back of gastric acids into the esophagus. A change in lifestyle and a heartburn drug can…

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Facts about Flu Shots for Kids

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As children grow into adulthood, their body systems are also developing. A child’s immune system is not yet fully developed. This is why vaccines or flu shots for kids are given to them so that their immune system will have the help it needs in combating disease causing pathogens. This…

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How to Use Blood Sugar Test Kit | Diabetes Care

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Diabetes is the most prevalent chronic disease suffered by US citizens nowadays. As a result, the health care system puts high emphasis on disease prevention as well as screening. Early detection can be a great help in intervening and more importantly preventing the progression of pre diabetes to diabetes. There…

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Common Examples of Over the Counter Drugs

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For common symptoms and minor illnesses, we have enumerated examples of over the counter drugs that are easily and readily accessible from stores even without the prescription of the doctor. Better be aware of the correct drug and the right amount of dosage to treat commonly acquired or developed illnesses….

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Different Types of Immunizations

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A simple yet very effective way to keep your family’s health in top condition is through vaccination. This is simply called immunization and should be practiced and implemented in your family regularly and consistently. Looking around, you will find health authorities that provide the kind of immunization you need. Flu…

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